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This week, Matt Damon stops by the studio to talk about his career in movies – from his role as the windbag LaBeouf in “True Grit” to his impressive improvised monologue in “Saving Private Ryan.”  But one of our favorite appearances has to be his recent foray on NBC’s “30 Rock.” He plays Liz Lemon’s insecure pilot boyfriend who yearns to settle down for true love.

Damon told Kurt how he got the gig.

Damon’s full conversation with Kurt airs this weekend — listen online here.

– Julia Botero


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The Informant!

Strangely overlooked in this year’s Oscar nominations – even for Marvin Hamlisch’s kinetic score – “The Informant!” gets inside the highly unreliable thoughts of Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon), a biochemist turned whistleblower for Archer Daniels Midland.  Amid beige cubicles, the story unravels in surprising and funny ways, complete with bad disguises and James Bond-style tactics gone wrong.

Hamlisch is also the composer behind the musical “A Chorus Line” and the movie “The Sting.”  In a recent visit to Studio 360, Hamlisch sat behind the piano and conjured up the melodies from his long list of musical credits.

– Cary Barbor

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