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Michelle Huneven

This gorgeously written novel tracks young history professor Patsy MacLemoore through her alcoholic blackouts, vehicular homicide, prison sentence, and rehabilitation. Don’t let the grim subject matter turn you away. The story’s exploration of responsibility, punishment, and the ways our self-perceptions determine our behavior is authentic and searing.

– Cary Barbor

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This is amazing. Especially a few minutes in when they bring out the banner with a giant Christ-like image of Michael. (See also my earlier post with their original “Thriller” performance from ’07.) Thanks to Jocelyn Gonzales for this link.

-Leital Molad

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This video of Filipino inmates performing a mass-ensemble dance to “Thriller” was circulating around the web a year or so ago. Given today’s news, we thought it was worth another look. Jackson’s death adds a dose of poignancy to the bizarre spectacle.

– Leital Molad

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