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Michelle Huneven

This gorgeously written novel tracks young history professor Patsy MacLemoore through her alcoholic blackouts, vehicular homicide, prison sentence, and rehabilitation. Don’t let the grim subject matter turn you away. The story’s exploration of responsibility, punishment, and the ways our self-perceptions determine our behavior is authentic and searing.

– Cary Barbor

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Mary Karr
In this new memoir, Karr recounts her descent into alcoholism, the collapse of her marriage, and her eventual conversion to Roman Catholicism, unfolding in the harrowing manner of a suspense novel. Karr writes the book as an open letter to her son, perhaps using her breathtaking language as a way of asking forgiveness. Karr’s voice and wit are sharp as the sting of a Texas wasp.

Listen to Karr in coversation with WNYC’s Leonard Lopate HERE.

– Susie Karlowski

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