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Swag is supposed to impress people.  Right, Soulja Boy?  That’s why I was a little surprised by the Independent Film Channel’s promotional offering for their new series The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.  These folders are sure to make you look unimpressive in the eyes of your co-workers:

Sarcastic filing accessories, at long last!  Now I can put off buying that stuffy attaché case I thought I needed.

Still, these are good for a laugh — who hasn’t ever thought, “Quick, look busy,” while at work?  (Except, of course, the ever-industrious yours truly…)  IFC’s marketing made more sense once I found out that this comedy was about a horribly-misguided office temp who fakes his way to an executive position.

The show debuts on October 1st, with David Cross starring alongside fellow Arrested Development alumnus Will Arnett, a pedigree that sets the bar pretty high for Todd Margaret.  That plus the self-effacing office supplies made me skeptical.  So it was a nice surprise when the teaser episodes IFC sent turned out to be pretty funny.  Just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its swag.

-Stephen Reader


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