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Hamlisch_MarvinThis week in Studio 360, we heard from Marvin Hamlisch, the award-winning and always ebullient composer. Hamlisch has won nearly every major music award, including four Grammys, four Emmys, three Golden globes, a Tony, and a Pulitzer. Most recently, he composed the music for the new movie, The Informant!

But Hamlisch isn’t just a famous composer; he’s a storyteller with a signature, slapstick sense of humor (which made him a regular on the TV talk show circuit back in the day). In this bit of tape left on the cutting room floor, Hamlisch remembers a 1976 episode of The Mike Douglas Show with Tom Waits:

Here’s a video clip of the 1976 show:

Thanks to Studio 360 listener Donald Bistarkey Perrone for suggesting we ask Marvin Hamlisch about this TV episode! Listen to this week’s entire interview with Hamlisch here:

– Erin Calabria


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